Computer-Generated mp3 files

Those who learn by ear might find it helpful to follow along with these recordings, which come from the same software that produced the sheet music.  In some cases, the mp3 here may not be the full length of the song.

Auld Lang Syne  РMIDI mp3
Blister in the Sun – Full Band MIDI mp3
Blister in the Sun – Trombone and Tuba MIDI mp3
Blister in the Sun – Simplified Trombone MIDI mp3
Blitzkrieg Bop – MIDI mp3
Bubamara – MIDI mp3
Democracy – Full Band MIDI mp3
Democracy – Melody MIDI mp3
Democracy – Trombone 1 MIDI mp3
Democracy – Trombone 2 MIDI mp3
Democracy – Tuba MIDI mp3
Didn\’t He Ramble – MIDI mp3
Funky This Land – MIDI mp3
Ham and Eggs – MIDI mp3
In Heaven There Is No Beer – MIDI mp3
Khevre Nit Gezorgt – MIDI mp3
March of the Jobless Corps – MIDI mp3
Ndiaga Niaw – MIDI mp3
Power in a Union – MIDI mp3
Seven Nation Army – MIDI mp3
Skalloween – MIDI mp3
Smash a Bank Polka – MIDI mp3
This Land Is Your Land (traditional) – MIDI mp3
Union Maid – MIDI mp3
Which Side Will Rock You – MIDI mp3
Who Stole The Kishka – MIDI mp3


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