Expectations for Participation in Forward

General participation opportunities in Forward! Marching Band

Forward! is a collaborative and cooperative project.¬† The prominence of any member’s participation in the soundscape, spectacle and/or band administration should correspond to a member’s skillset, preparation, consideration for fellow members and the overall needs of the project.¬† Through careful, honest listening and by asking for feedback — and by giving honest feedback to others in turn — we can each find our sweet spot for fitting into the project.

Responsibilities of Members


  • Weekly rehearsals – Monday 7:00-9:00
  • Weekly meetings – Monday during rehearsals
  • Additional meetings – monthly/bi-monthly
  • Additional rehearsals – gig rehearsals
  • Section rehearsals
  • Spectacle rehearsals
  • Music director duties
  • Composing and arranging
  • Teaching other musicians
  • Props design and creation


  • Taking and posting notes
  • Managing fan page and e-mail for gig requests
  • Publicity
  • Administration i.e. answering gig requests
  • Computer design and layout for posters/song book
  • Costuming/sewing for others/Silkscreening for FM!B
  • Give to the common band-fund-can as able


  • We play and perform together because it is joyous for us to make our music together – we enjoy each others’ company and agree that Forward’s greatest strength is the people who are in it, and who work together to make it a vital and growing band with a unique voice.
  • Be respectful of each other while listening, speaking and playing, in word, attitude, and with politeness.
  • Understand that Forward! is a large group of creative people from different parts of the country and with many diverse interests, backgrounds, politics, opinions and strengths.
  • While we are encouraged to seek help, we are expected to be responsible for having our music, being familiar with the song, attending rehearsals or choreography sessions as requested.
  • Attend rehearsals often, on time, prepared to play and familiar with the songs.
  • Arrive at live performances 30 minutes before stage time, prepared to warm up and review set list.
  • Mentor other players, by offering advice, working on song parts, sharing composing ideas, etc.
  • Musicians work to improve each song they play on, and improve technical skills, with independent lessons if needed.
  • Honor the years of work that more experienced musicians have put into their playing.
  • Draw out and support newer and more timid players.
  • Be respectful of rehearsal time, reserve any non-playing concerns until the meeting portion of the rehearsal.
  • Attend regular band meetings, follow discussions on line with meeting notes and document drafts.
  • Participate in discussion about issues which interest or concern you.
  • We all seek ways to support the band, especially before larger gigs requiring extra work like screening or sewing or while traveling or moving props to gigs.
  • Anyone is free to participate in Spectacle as well as be a musician.
  • Anyone is free to suggest additions and changes to songs or spectacle.
  • Freedom to participate is not the same as a guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented by the rest of the band.
  • Inter-personal disagreements are kept out of band business and will not affect band communication, decisions, rehearsals or performances.
  • The FaceBook page is our common communication forum, on which we all have administrative abilities and where we often have discussions. Respect and transparent communication are expected on this, and on our fan, pages.

(approved November 2012 by consensus)


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