Forward! at Lowellpalooza Feb. 19, 2012

Forward! Marching Band was thrilled to support the Lowell Elementary School and the Lowell Home and School Association at the 7th Annual Lowellpalooza fundraiser.  The event took place at the Harmony Bar & Grill on February 19th. An elementary school fund-raiser at a bar, you say? Well, this is Wisconsin, and that’s just how we roll.

The kids had a great time knocking back some 16 oz root beers, dancing with our flag crew and marveling at Forward’s often-upside-down baritone player, Tom Taagen.

Forward! rocked through some of its most boisterous repertoire and then yielded the stage to the kids of Lowell for a live band karoake, backed by the inimitable Gomers.

The kids seized the moment with aplomb, ranging from power rock anthems, to Weird Al Yankovic polka numbers, to soulful jazz standards to hip hop to labor protest songs and even performance art. The Gomers, unfazed, kept up with every twist and turn. The talent and panache on display by the kids made one feel good about the future. At the end of the night, the combined powers of Forward! Marching Band, the Gomers and the kids from Lowell Elementary helped raise almost a thousand dollars for the Lowell Home and School Association. Forward!


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