Rules of Engagement (a.k.a. our Rider)

Forward! marching band is a large, brightly costumed, unwieldy conglomeration of folks of all ages who like to have fun and play music. We just need to be safe, have a place to store our gear, eat and use the bathroom and we’ll have a great time playing for y’all.

The following list of details will help us all have a successful time at your event with a minimum of stress.

  • Forward! will appoint one person as the “captain” for the gig. At the event, the “captain” will be your sole contact for changes, alerts, routes, band needs, etc.
  • Designate one person on your side to deal with us before and at the gig.
  • Our band includes large bulky instruments, sometimes children of various ages and giant puppets. We take up a fair ammount of real estate.  Our sousaphone alone is nearly 8 feet tall.  Please keep this in mind when booking.
  •  Much-appreciated amenities include:
    • Safe storage
    • Transport for instrument cases during marches
    • Access to toilets
    • Dressing room
    • Booze/water/food
    • Chaperones in marches and crowds
    • Pics & vids of the show
    • Parking for band members vehicles
  • At parades, keep in mind the logistics of a band, leaving space before and behind the group, placement of the band in the marching group.
  • Forward! expresses our politics on our sleeves…we like to dress to support our causes and passions. If this might be percieved as a problem, let it be made clear to us early.
  • The sooner you ask, the likelier we can play your event. Work days before 6:00 PM are unlikely.
  • As soon as possible before your event, give us times for load-in and performance.
  • We have real expenses, and play many gigs (but can’t play all) for free. Money for our band to continue is necessary.
  • Bartering is most welcome: instruments and repair, performance venues, travel, recording and… ??