Tetris Theme

A few notes on Tetris:

Regarding the instrumentation–the way this arrangment is set up, the parts duplicate one another, given the range of the instrument in question. So the alto and tenor sax part are the (identical) melody, the trumpet and trombone part are the (identical) harmony, and the baritone sax and the tuba are the (identical) bass line. Given this, I didn’t make a separate part for baritones playing the trombone part in the treble clef, as they would be playing the exact same part as written for the trumpets.

However, there may be times when we might not have certain parts such as saxaphones or tubas that would leave us without necessary instrumentation as written. Therefore, I have made some combination parts that have lines for the parts as written and a corresponding part that could be played in the absence of other players. There is one that has both the melody (sax) and harmony (tpt-trmb) parts in Bb together, so that in a pinch a trumpet could play the melody, for example.Tthere are also parts that combine the low brass (trombone and tuba), and the low saxophones (tenor and baritone sax), so that someone could jump over to the bass line if necessary. I also added some C parts of the melody and harmony so that flutes, etc. could jump in as appropriate.


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