The Surreal World of Fitzwalkerstan: Forward! at the State of the State 1/25/2012

As embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tried desperately to defend his heartless agenda in his annual State of the State speech, thousands of Wisconsin citizens voiced their displeasure inside and outside the state Capitol.  Singing, carrying flags, signs and banners, chanting, protestors filled the rotunda.  A few even made it into the heavily guarded Assembly chambers where Walker was speaking.

Meanwhile, outside, others, including the Forward! Marching Band, patrolled the perimeter of the building.  Forward! began its evening by joining members of the Bad River Nation to protest the proposed Wisconsin Mining Bill (AB 426), a piece of legislation so shadowy and evil that no legislator was willing to  be identified as its author.  From there, the band led a parade around the Capitol to lead ralliers to the only entrance not barricaded by the Capitol Police.  Arriving at the entrance, Forward! found itself in the midst of a strange altercation between anti-Walker activists and a lone pro-Walker counter-protestor.

Here’s how noiseofrain of the DailyKos described the scene:  “Right at that moment, the Forward Marching Band appeared out of nowhere and kicked into some rocking New Orleans style anthems. It was as if we were on a movie set for Crazyville. There were a dozen police, a big bunch of agitated people, our victim who was retching on the ground from being choked, and the Thief of Signs who was sitting with a policeman laughing and claiming we all attacked him and that the victim was “faking it.”  Read more here.

[Video by ThaPlaygroundLegend]

Continuing around the Capitol, the band arrived outside the Assembly chambers where Walker was speaking and began a sonic assault on the building’s western flank.  They performed “Smash-a-Bank Polka” (courtesy of the Rude Mechanical Orchestra), “We Will Recall You / Which Side Are You On” and other songs, joined by an impromptu chorus of vuvuzelas. Folks inside the chambers reported later that the band was clearly audible inside.

[Video by MadisonGuy]

The band made enough noise to also attract the attention of the Huffington Post and the Capital Times (the latter apparently unfamiliar with the Honk! music esthetic).

So, beware ruthless one-percenters!   Forward! is on the march, ready to “appear out of nowhere” to thwart your evil plans.  No telling where we’ll strike next!


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