FORWARD! Marching Band


2012 Unique Performer of the Year
Madison Area Music Association

“Always there when we need ’em.”
– Larry Orr

“You guys are a big bunch of happiness.”
Jose, spectator at Madison Farmer’s Market

“Right at that moment, the Forward! Marching Band appeared out of nowhere and kicked into some rocking New Orleans style anthems. It was as if we were on a movie set for Crazyville.”
– noise of rain, Daily Kos

“…an Irish klezmer band playing ‘Blister in the Sun.’ AWESOME!”
– Cherie Sisti Goetz

“Life is impossible without music, and a damn good rally is impossible without the Forward! Marching Band. Just sayin'”
– Peter J. Watts

“You made me want to move my feet.  That doesn’t happen often.”
– P.S. Mueller

“…our rag tag, yet highly proficient, Forward! Marching Band led our group of thousands to a joyous reunion with our brothers and sisters already on the Square.”
– Wisco Wherls, Daily Kos